palebluedot design

I am an independent web designer and digital audio specialist based in Vancouver.

I'm skilled in many areas, and I'm used to doing several things at once.
This is what I do best:

Web Design

Love it. So exciting!

Front-End Development

Some designers are scared of code. Not me. HTML5 and CSS3 are my friends.

Visual Identity

Designing logos when I was a kid is what got me into the biz.

Digital Audio

I am a multi-instrumentalist composer and a pro-level audio engineer.

This is how I work it.
Designing a successful website is a complex process, but by paying attention to the client's needs, I strive to achieve The Good.

Listening to
your needs

Meetings are good. I will discuss your needs and find out more about your company.


What does the design brief tell us? What tools will we need to make this happen?

our brains

Ideation. Here's where ideas are created, discarded, reclaimed and discovered.


Here's where the rubber meets the road. Switching into high gear, designing, coding, testing; it's all part of the process!

the product

Oh, yes...the good part.

Clients I’ve worked with
Over the years I've worked with many, many clients—both in a studio environment and as a contractor. Here are but a few:
Get in touch
I'm ready to work right now, please drop me a line and we'll chat!


Vancouver, Canada
V63 293